our trainings

Bikablo Advanced

The best of bikablo advanced visualization methodologies in a two-day-nutshell

Bikablo Basics

The basics of visual thinking, learning and collaborating with the bikablo technique

Bikablo eXtraKlasse

Stay tuned, practice and deepen after the basics training: a virtual learning journey in small groups

Bikablo Agile Practioners

The basics of visual thinking, learning and collaboration for Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile Development Teams

Bikablo VPM

Drawing, examining and improving processes together





Obeya Kick-Start

Using the Leadership with Obeya method, we address the challenges of leadership in complex organizations



Leading With Obeya

Improve the effectiveness of your leadership team. Learn about 'Leading with Obeya' in this practical training



Sketchnotes & visual storytelling for freelancers

Do you want to differentiate in a new way as a freelancer? Join this workshop and learn how to use sketchnotes & get marketing tips!


In Company

Training sessions for individuals or teams, and impulse training for large groups in company

In the lab

Training sessions for individuals or teams, and impulse training for large groups

Coffee Time

Get to know what we do trough personal contact
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Best solutions for you

Our training and workshops are the optimal way to learn all you need to know to build communication layers in your organization. Learn and practice the uses and methods firsthand from our selected group of expertise trainers and facilitators. In work sessions, our trainers will teach you the essentials of visualization, how it can help collaborative visual thinking and how other disciplines can benefit from it.

We offer a range of public, in-company or online trainings and workshops. For every training you book, you will receive a well documented manual and a visual starterset.

Find out more about our trainings and workshops on this page.

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In the lab

Participate in one of our trainings or Collaborative Visual Thinking workshops in the Bizzuals Imagineering Lab itself.


Experience the experience virtually. Enter the Bizzuals Imagineering Lab via remote collaboration tools and run trainings and workshops online.


Collaborative Visual Thinking tailored to your team, your organization or your network. You foresee the space, we bring in the experience.