Visual Meeting Facilitation

We support meetings and workshops for team, process, product and project development as a drawing process companion.

Bizzuals Visual Meeting Facilitators accompany your teams, processes and product developments with the marker. Working in pairs with a process facilitator or moderator, you expand the solution to a new and meaningful dimension. In this way, a participation-oriented solution process is made from pre-made assumptions.

We take care of securing the results, record ideas, questions and proposed solutions in a structured manner and make them tangible with illustrations. We guide visual methods and creative techniques to discover organizational knowledge. We enable you to visualize in the shortest possible time and thus inspire creative small group work.

Dialogue mapping

Group methods

Idea scribbles

Together with the facilitator / moderator, the Bizzuals visual meeting facilitator saves contributions from the group dialogue on "Dialogue Maps" and reflects them back into the conversation.

We use bikablo developed visual tools as “Visual Hero's Journey” and “Dialogue Cartography”  and many others for facilitation, moderation and small group work.

Bizzuals visualizers support the participants in product development and design thinking processes with product sketches and visual prototypes.