Graphic Recording

We visualize large murals and picture galleries for large group dialogue building.

The graphic recorders from Bizzuals document your conference or workshop in text, images and graphics.  We ensure that all information that is shared with the audience stays in the room to support participative group dynamics. In advance we will find out together which form of listening, structuring and visual translation best supports your intention.

The result is a large, narrative mural, a gallery of many individual images, a live recording on the video screen or (digital) sketchnotings that are disseminated via social media.


Picture galleries


Digital graphic recording

A graphic recording mural is - depending on the context and event - several meters long and summarizes the ideas and messages of your conference in a large, structured world of images.

Instead of a large mural, the Graphic Recorder creates a series of small formats that each illustrate a core idea and can be used individually.

The process sketchnoter summarizes the event in sketch notes - and then shares them with the participants in the plenary session or as a handout.


Recording on the tablet offers many possibilities to spread the most important ideas of your conference in real time - via video screen or social media.