Visual Management

At Bizzuals we believe that Visual Management is the tool for organizations to communicate all key information about workplaces that is needed to make the best decisions at all times. It enables the discovery process of finding out what is not clear and to better understand the world outside. It is a connecting strategy in an ecosystem. At Bizzuals, we are convinced that in a successful organization, five recognizable pillars work together; the team, resources, workplace, performance structure and a culture of continuous improvement. They are connected by the employees and visual information flows.

With an enthusiastic, creative and expert co-creation team, Bizzuals wants to convince every company of the power of Visual Management. Every day, we help our clients to design and set up work processes with visual intuitive tools in order to initiate quality, productivity and an active continuous improvement culture. We focus on delivering unique, custom solutions that closely match the wishes and processes of our customers. In addition to tailor-made solutions, we offer a wide range of standard visualization tools that we deliver worldwide.

Areas where we use Visual Management tools today:

  • Performance visualisatie
    KPI boards, Process flow boards)
  • Continuous Improvement
    (Improvement boards, PDCA, DMAIC, RCA, Weekstart)
  • 5S Workplace organisation
    (Schaduwborden, Gereedschapsborden, Vloerbelijning)
  • Agile & Scrum/Kanban
    (Scrum/Kanban boards, Obeya) 
  • Interne Communicatie, Workplace Branding
    (Information panels, Policy guidelines, Brand experience)