Bizzuals Imagineering Lab
The homebase of trainings, workshops and co-creation

The Bizzuals Imagineering Lab is a unique and inspiring space located nearby the south of Antwerp. With its 85m2, the luminous space is ideal for carrying out trainings and workshops with 6 to 15 persons. Its most striking aspect is formed by the flexboxes, containing hundreds of visual constellation samples, coloured markers, facilitation materials, learning posters and other visual stimuli, ready to inspire and spark the imagination of the users. 

The space is fully equipped with Collaborative Visual Thinking tools: high work tables, pinboards, flipcharts, cosy seats, and numerous panels which can be placed throughout the space for the creation and visualization of maps. Of course all our tools, including maps, labels, method templates, accessories and prototyping materials are available at all times.

Use the workspace!

Do you want to organize a meeting or work session in a truly inspiring and differential environment? We rent the workspace for (half) days, with or without the service of a Collaborative Visual Thinking facilitator. Contact us for prices and availability.


  • 85m2 Luminous and inspirational workspace indoor – also outdoor workshop possibilities
  • Opportunity of working with our co-creation tools.
  • Exclusive use of our range of furniture, especially designed for active teamwork.
  • Rental with or without facilitators.
  • Localization closeby park and the city centre.

Consult our catalogue of training and workshops for more information and dates


Online working will become the new normal. That’s why we equipped the Bizzuals Imagineering lab with all necessary equipment to run, record and broadcast online trainings, workshops and podcasts. In the #visualstudio we not only use the equipment for ourself or for collaborating with our co-creation imagineers, the #visualstudio is also available for you.


  • All equipment to run, record or broadcast online trainings, workshops or podcasts available in a creative space packed with lots of collaborative visual thinking material.
  • All collaborative visual thinking material available at all times and free to use during your stay at the #visualstudio
  • Bizzuals imagineer can assist on set-up and use of visual aids
  • Bizzuals can assist you as technical host

for prices and availability.