Innovation is stepping out of your comfort zone and that is exactly what we do at Bizzuals. In order to gain a better understanding of each other and the world around us, we are always looking for new ways of creating value. We do this by combining knowledge and creativity to come up with surprisingly new ideas and solutions, whether it concerns products, services or training. 

We co-create in a fun way together with dynamic top experts and customers  from the most diverse disciplines and push the boundaries of “what is normal”.

With our ‘combined’ years of experience in knowledge work ‘non routine problem solving’ we can guide our clients in numerous challenges of running their business.

Depending on the needs of our customers, we design best quality tailor-made tracks, products or trainings and select the most appropriate methodologies to achieve most effective outcomes.

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Combinatorial Innovative Thinking – it's part of our DNA at Bizzuals.

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Today, Business Agility coaches often encounter a lot of resistance from traditional management when they want to introduce Flow concepts such as Resource Liquidity and Time to Market. Often the cause of this problem lies in the complexity of the concepts themselves. To help agile coaches to tell inspiring stories that bring insights, DUCTU (Wim Bollen) and Bizzuals join forces based on their common knowledge and background: explaining complex concepts through visual stories. The outcome of this joint project are explainer videos and material to moderate Agile coaching sessions.

Wim Bollen, founder of DUCTU, is a successful systemic change facilitator focusing on the development  of capabilities in organizations whether these are scale-ups or large corporates.



Twinxter loves to help people and companies on their journey to the future of work. They believe everyone wants to grow towards a happy and sustainable future for themselves and for the people around them. On this journey to the future of work – inspiring you, people and organizations to see things in a different way is key. This is the area where Twinxter (Alize Hofmeester) and Bizzuals co-create their magic. Together we explore new ways of working and thinking to transform companies into purpose driven business-agile entities and so prepare them for an unpredictable future.

Alize Hofmeester, founder of Twinxter and The People Journey Circle, actively advises board-room leaders and transformation teams how to reshape company structures and trains them on mindset, leadership and the people side of change

HR Boutique

Volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and complex: that is how you can describe the current job market. And it will stay that way for decades to come. The technological revolution and extreme globalization have presented jobseekers and employees with major challenges. Not easy to overcome.

To give professionals and job seekers the tools and skills to “become real heroes on the job market” (Work Action Heroes) HR Boutique (Eliane Clement) and Bizzuals join forces. Together we will help professionals on how to interact differently with future new employers. We will explore new ways to increase chances to get the job of their dreams. We will work on new tools to help them to inspire, discover and convince how they can be the solution for the business challenges of today.

Eliane Clement is a job coach and personal brander. With a focus on creating sustainable relationships between people and organizations, she coaches professionals towards a more fulfilled professional life and, together with them, makes the translation to the job market.


Organizations of tomorrow will have to operate in business circumstances that are highly unpredictable and uncertain. If they want to stay ‘fit for purpose’ they need to adopt a corporate startup mentality and seek, develop, and validate a scalable economic model. How can BA’s, Service Designers, Product Owners and Leadership support this idea? This is the area where Altershape (Filip Hendrickx) and Bizzuals merge their expertise. Together we explore how the combination of the structured, pragmatic approach on bridging BA with strategy and innovation techniques and the ‘collaborative visual thinking approach’ lead to another way of driving strategy and innovation.

Filip Hendricks is BA and Innovation coach, president of the IIBA Brussels Chapter and co-author of the business novel Brainy Glue

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And yet we’re growing. We are continuously working on growing the amount of extraordinary co-creation products and services to help our clients take a step outside of their comfort zone and reach the next level.

Therefore we always look for people who share our ambitions, have a crazy skill and a wacko mindset. Do you have a great concept or specialty? Are you convinced that co-creating with us can make this idea a headline in the newspapers? 

Speak out loudly and convince us!