Obeya Kick-Start

Get started with Obeya in just 3 days!

The result of this compact change process with the ‘Leadership with Obeya method’ is an equipped Obeya room for your team

How we're kickstarting

Using the Leadership with Obeya method, we address the challenges of leadership in complex organizations. Training is alternated by ‘roll up your sleeves’ in this change process. This way you learn what it is, you immediately apply what you have learned to your own Obeya wall and you get feedback for improvement.

Your team from 0 to 100 in with Obeya in 3 intense workshop days, spread over a few weeks


There is always one or two weeks between the workshop days so that your team has time to collect and process information. We finish the kick-start process with an Obeya room that is ready to be used by your team!


Based on the Leadership with Obeya method:

  1. Build your own Obeya step by step per training module
  2. Immediately put into practice what you learn and receive direct feedback from the trainer / coach
  3. Plan the modules for your suitable moments
  4. During the exercises we build your Obeya virtually in a form that can also be used physically afterwards.