bikablo eXtraKlasse

Stay tuned, practice and deepen after the basics training: a virtual learning journey in small groups

The bikablo e-xtra class is a personal accompaniment in 10 online sessions for all bikablo graduates who want to anchor their visualization skills in daily practice. Bizzuals will bring this to you by new technologies, special learning methods and the concentrated specialist knowledge of the bikablo trainer team.

bikablo eXtraKlasse

With the help of the video conferencing app “Zoom” we create a shared virtual training room. Take it from there you’ll work as usual with markers on paper. After all, it’s about connecting to the techniques and methods of analog basics training.

The first eight sessions take place at a fixed weekly time and each have a specific topic focus. We repeat visual vocabulary such as containers and pictograms, get to the bottom of the bikablo visualization technique, answer questions and give tips on how to continue your learning journeys.

Each appointment begins – as in the face-to-face training – with a short check-in. This is followed by a weekly report (“Where did I visualize and how was it?”) And an input, exercise and reflection phase. We close with a little homework and check-out.

The weekly rhythm allows the participants to translate their learning experiences into fixed habits.

The ninth session takes place 3-4 weeks after the eighth session, the tenth session again 3-4 weeks later. On these two dates there is the opportunity to discuss use cases from one’s own practice with the trainer and group.


  • In week 1 the motto is: arrive, get to know each other, understand zoom. And we dedicate ourselves to the bikablo characters.
  • From week 2 to 6 we go through the different learning steps of the basic training: Icons & shadows, design theme logos, develop templates, experiment with color and work out headline fonts.
  • In week 7 we practice recording live situations. 
  • In week 8 our practical workshop takes place, where all contents flow together. 
  • The last two sessions (week 9 and 10) are more open and tailored to the needs of the group. We give each other feedback and reflect on our habits: “Can we manage to visualize in everyday life? What helps us, what is holding us back? ”In the last two sessions there is also the possibility to invite specialists for a specific topic, e. B. for digital visualization on the iPad.


  • Documentation: For follow-up participants will receive a digital photo documentation of all results.
  • Invitation to join the exclusive bikablo® Online Community for alumni with a user forum and a specialist knowledge database.
  • One-off discount for purchase Neuland material


  • Every participant has completed a bikablo basics training (open or in-house).
  • Graduates whose basics training was a long time ago and / or who have already attended other training courses at bikablo are also very welcome to join.
  • All participants bring the motivation to deepen the content of the basic training, to stay tuned with the learning group and to keep the dates free.


  • Price​: See booking link 
  • Location: Online sessions via Zoom
  • Trainer: Koen De keersmaecker, Global licensed trainer bikablo Academy
  • Group: Max 6 participants
  • Language: Dutch/English - language will be decided at start of the training
  • Registration: Online, easy and convenient via our ticketing partner Eventbrite. You can pay by credit card, direct debit, invoice, prepayment or PayPal.
  • Copywrite: The bikablo® technique and the training concepts are protected by copyright. Find out more here.
  • Questions: Please contact us at