bikablo visualization for Agile practitioners

The basics of visual thinking, learning and collaboration for Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile Development Teams

Visualization and agility – a perfect match! Agile practitioners try to develop faster and more flexible products with little bureaucratic effort, a few simple rules and an iterative approach. Business Agility is the new kid on the block and based on a mix of Agile methods and practices, it is currently revolutionizing many companies.

Bikablo visualization for Agile practitioners

One of the key features of an Agile culture is that teams work through roles, agreements, content, and processes in a self-directed manner in short meetings. Visualization by hand has already become an elemental tool for many Agile teams.

In tandem with bikablo, Bizzuals has developed a visualization format that is specifically designed to meet the needs of Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Chapter Leads, Agile teams, Agile trainers & – coaches and Agile Managers in agile environments. Visualization skills are helpful, but not required for this training.

You’ll learn the basics of bikablo flipchart and pin board visualization techniques, practice agile-specific pictograms and keyframes, and design your posters for kick-offs, daily standup meetings, reviews, retrospectives and so much more …


In a relaxed learning atmosphere, you will experience how easy it is to use small tricks to make large pin board areas striking and lively. The trainer takes a lot of time to introduce you to the secrets of the bikablo visualization technique and to answer your questions:

  • bikablo visualization technique: pen and line, large areas, basic shapes and text containers, shadows and colors, figures and pictograms
  • Key images for the Scrum/Kanban universe: together we develop simple, content-related key images from the visual vocabulary to explain roles, meetings and artifacts in an agile context.
  • Poster design: Develop meaningful poster templates for agile meeting formats: greeting, daily agenda, method explanation, product review, retrospective, etc.
  • Practice workshop: Develop visualizations on your own topics that you can use immediately in agile practice.


  • bikablo® certificate: every participant receives a bikablo® certificate after completing the training
  • bikablo® StarterSet: Every participant receives the official StarterSet including four visualization markers and one StarterBooklet that summarizes the principles, content and techniques of the training on 32 pages.
  • Documentation: For follow-up participants will receive a digital photo documentation of all results.
  • Invitation to join the exclusive bikablo® Online Community for alumni with a user forum and a specialist knowledge database.
  • One-off discount for purchase Neuland material



This training is for you if

  • you are (still) convinced that you are not at all talented and still would like to learn how to visualize
  • you have little experience with visualization so far and are looking for an easy way to improve your flip charts with good handwriting,  graphics, symbols and simple figures to make them more clear, attractive, and lively you want to take your first steps into the world of visual facilitation and storytelling


Especially for:​​

  • Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Team members
  • Chapter Leads, Agile Expert Leads, Agile (team)leaders
  • Agile Trainers, Coaches and Facilitators
  • User Experience Experts, Business Analysts
  • Agile (Project) Managers, Iteration Managers, Delivery Leads
  • Everybody that is convinced that he/she can generate added value in Agile projects with visualization - and that want to acquire the necessary basic skills for this


  • Price​: See booking link 
  • Location: Public sessions at Bizzuals Imagineering Lab (Kontich), Online sessions via Zoom
  • Trainer: Koen De keersmaecker, Global licensed trainer bikablo Academy
  • Group: Max 12 participants
  • Language: Dutch/English - language will be decided at start of the training
  • Registration: Online, easy and convenient via our ticketing partner Eventbrite. You can pay by credit card, direct debit, invoice, prepayment or PayPal.
  • Copywrite: The bikablo® technique and the training concepts are protected by copyright. Find out more here.
  • Questions: Please contact us at