bikablo advanced training

The best of bikablo advanced visualization methodologies in a two-day-nutshell

Are you a bikablo basics graduate or self-taught career changer? Ignite the second stage on your flight into the universe of visual thinking!  Jump into the world of Visual Storytelling and Graphical Recording and be amazed about the power and impact it will bring. The Advanced program aims to combine the best of both worlds into 1 training and it will be brought to you during a 2 days visual adventure.

Bikablo advanced training

Take a spot in the bikablo Advanced track and you will find out what makes a poster really effective and how you can visually bring professional challenges to life with moving figures. Let us take you on a journey where we show you how combination techniques can support you in visualizing conversations in real time. During these two days you will develop your skills, get to know new design options, practice under the expert advice of our trainers and combine visual presentations with visual documentation. Don’t tell the brothers Grimm.


In the usual relaxed bikablo learning atmosphere, you can start from your own stand on to the next level of visual thinking. The trainers take a lot of time to accompany you individually to find out your learning goals and to enrich your repertoire with techniques from bikablo’s over 15 years of experience.

  • Repeat and deepen: The basics of bikablo visualization technology in quick succession – what can I do, what do I want to practice and what is shown again?
  • The three levels of poster design: Why do some posters appear more attractive, clearer, livelier and more meaningful than others? With the 3-level technology, drafts (including those you have brought with you) are put to the test and revised.
  • Emotion figures: Step by step, the protagonists from the visual dictionary “bikablo emotions” are brought to life and put to the test in a wide variety of narrative situations. Greetings from visual storytelling!
  • My story in 3 pictures: A creative technique that always works! Small transformation stories with the emotional figures that make learning content understandable and encourage steps to change.
  • Writing workshop: A quick, legible flipchart writing is the alpha and omega of visualization. Check your individual handwriting against valid legibility criteria and develop additional attractive headline styles from them.
  • The basics of mapping: We learn new mapping styles and thus create individually usable approaches to transform dialogues into meaningful, structured pinboard posters as "Scribe".
  • Practical workshop: All learning steps and methods of the training flow into a final assignment in which you combine visual storytelling with mapping techniques.


  • bikablo® certificate: every participant receives a bikablo® Advanced certificate after completing the training
  • bikablo® Advanced StarterSet: Every participant receives the official Advanced StarterSet including four visualization markers and a StarterBooklet that summarizes the principles, contents and techniques of the training on 32 pages.
  • Documentation: For follow-up, participants will receive a digital photo documentation with all the trainer’s inputs and the results of the learning group.
  • Invitation to join the exclusive bikablo® Online Community for alumni with a user forum and a specialist knowledge database.
  • Neuland discount for purchase Neuland material


  • You have attended our bikablo basics beginner training course or a comparable training course and would like to build on your skills.
  • You are a self-taught visualizer, have familiarized yourself with the bikablo technology (e.g. using our visual dictionaries) and would like to get to know more sophisticated presentation and documentation options.
  • After a phase of personal practice and testing, you feel the need to reflect on and develop your results under expert guidance.
  • You are interested in the modules of the Visual Facilitator curriculum, but cannot (yet) provide the necessary resources.
  • You now want to take the second step towards your training as a visual facilitator.


  • Price​: See booking link 
  • Location: Public sessions at Bizzuals Imagineering Lab (Kontich), Online sessions via Zoom
  • Trainer: Koen De keersmaecker, Global licensed trainer bikablo Academy
  • Group: Max 12 participants
  • Language: Dutch/English - language will be decided at start of the training
  • Registration: Online, easy and convenient via our ticketing partner Eventbrite. You can pay by credit card, direct debit, invoice, prepayment or PayPal.
  • Copywrite: The bikablo® technique and the training concepts are protected by copyright. Find out more here.
  • Questions: Please contact us at